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Humanity is served better when we do something good for others. Indian society is one of those countries where people think about each other and believe in doing good for others. Undoubtedly, we have many examples of great social initiatives that got enough popularity and recognition across the country. There are rich philanthropists who serves society very well and their work is highly appreciative, but there are certain people who serve their entire life to social welfare but never get any recognition. There are some magnificent people whose work deserves to be recognised by the entire nation to create best examples for the future generation.

In the middle of this running world, a great platform named Social Talks came into the picture. It is the first platform across the country that is formed to give recognition to the people who devotes their life in the welfare of the society. This platform is one of its kind that searches for people who are doing good for social welfare in one or the other way. Afterwards, the work is beautifully and aesthetically converted into pictorial visualization that conveys social message around every corner. The work is popularized to enlighten the path of social work and efforts.

Social talks primarily focuses on drawing maximum attention and support for people who are making hard efforts to serve society better and to sow a seed of social responsibility in everyone's heart. The aim of the work is to make the efforts visible and recognisable in order to serve the humankind in a better and efficient manner. Social talks understands the valuable efforts towards society, coverts it into a creative visualization and beautifully conveys a message to further draw support from people for the well being of the society.

Social Talks by Sacheen Gandhi (Chairperson)

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