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Sacheen Gandhi ( Founder - Social Talks) is an exemplary person whose interest lies in serving others. He started his career in the finance sector and later in 2010, he showed the courage to completely dive into another field without having prior knowledge. He is now an altruistic philanthropist and a passionate Business Entrepreneur. His selfless thoughts and visionary actions helped him abridge the gap between the advantaged and disadvantaged sections of the society in great length. Many obstacles came in between his journey when he chose to be a full-time social worker and completely rejected a secured job but he still broke through all the barriers. "One great idea takes time to build but later it outshines the person". Initially, he was a part of blood donation camps, several NGOs and contributed a major part of his income in righteous accomplishments. Thereupon he speedily inaugurated his first NGO entitled "CURES" whose main objective was to provide all possible health care resources to the vulnerable community.

Apart from that, he had supported hundreds of NGOs fulfilling their basic needs. Along his way, he Co-founded "MEDICINE BABA TRUST" which is the largest ever NGO providing medicines to the disadvantaged group of society through counters and health care centres, and also allow people to exchange expired medicines.

Awards and Ceremonies

When constructive measures are taken for a better cause then work and honour happen simultaneously. Mr Sacheen Gandhi took noble steps to advance the standard of living of impoverished sections of the society and he has been honoured with numerous awards. He received a prestigious award under “100 Most Impactful Global Health Care Leaders” Award category organized by the World Health Congress. He has also been awarded by AIMS, ABP News, LOKMAT News, GEC in Maharashtra for his efforts towards Safe Drug Disposal Programme. In addition to this, he has been a speaker in various conferences in Indonesia, Dubai and other parts of the country where he had spoken to aware people about safe drug disposal.


Mr Gandhi works on several awareness projects related to “Safe drug disposal Mission” where he teaches drug user community about “safe drug disposal methods” to ensure that expired medicines are not disposed of in an improper manner else they would reach digestive tract of stray animals who are feeding in garbage heaps." "But the truth is, it's not the idea, it's never the idea, it's always what you do with it." And to attain it, Mr Gandhi extensively raised awareness through his Conferences, Media Talks and Campaigns. He has also created a documentary where he raised awareness about the unsafe drug disposal stating how incorrect disposal can harm the aquatic animals, stray animals and then, indirectly harm us. His other documentary film gives solutions and recommendations on the safe disposal of harmful drugs without harming any being or environment. The documentaries are available on YouTube and 'Social Talk' website.

Media Coverage

He has been interviewed by various News Agencies, Print media, Rajya Sabha TV on various Global health and humanitarian issues, where his interviews have been broadcasted to advocate global health issues. His live media coverage has also been aired by CNBC where he awarded the audience about his ongoing missions. On various occasions, he got opportunities to talk about other health-related topics including mobile addiction where he has encouraged people to indulge their children in activity-based learning.


In unprecedented times when Covid-19 continues to spread and impact almost every individual and organisation across the world. Mr Gandhi has been taking several initiatives to ensure food and nutrition to all. He has been a part of many campaigns where he has worked towards spreading awareness about sanitization amongst people during the pandemic. He has also been a part of the team to organize free corona testing camps providing free Rapid Antigen Test and RT-PCR Test. During this pandemic, Mr Gandhi ensured to provide all masks, required medicines and treatments and other essential commodities to the vulnerable community.

His online social media platform 'Social Talks' celebrated and honoured the work of several corona warriors with awards and special admiration. Mr Sacheen Gandhi is a man with high virtues who works to make this world a better place to live. 'Social Talks' takes immense pride and give high regards to such brave hearts.

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