Ms. Triveni Acharya

The greatest fear in an individual’s life is of an ordinary life. It’s the fear of not actually living. People always tell you to face your fears but the person in question today is a brave heart who says " fear motivates her to do the extraordinary job as a social activist". This story is about " Ms. Triveni Acharya -The Braveheart", who worked as a journalist in Mumbai and her work led her to infamous bylanes of Mumbai for an assignment. She randomly strolled into one of the brothels after her assignment. Standing in the hall of one of those houses, she felt a deep sense of disgust. On returning home, she shared her experience with her husband ,Balkrishna Acharya. Like most among us, She too thought that these girls – all decked up in bright lipstick and revealing clothes — were prostitutes by choice. She later discovered that it is not true in most of the cases. She got in touch with the cops who along with Balakrishna and his friend went to bring the girl back who asked Triveni for help ..when they were leaving, 13 more girls came forward begging for help. The cop sternly told them, “Just take the girl they came for and leave, and not take responsibility of the others.” Mr. Balkrishna couldn’t leave; he was sensitive that way. So they ended up having 13 girls at their own home. This was the start of something they had not planned for. For a few years, their own home was a home for rescued girls. In 2003, a noble person donated a seven-storeyed building and Rescue Foundation got its first shelter home in Kandivali, Mumbai. Two years later, Balkrishna died in a road accident. During those days, Ms. Acharya was receiving a lot of threats. She was broken. There were times she wanted to give up. But then she thought of these victims and their miserable life. She resigned from her job in 2005 to work full-time against sex-trafficking. Since then, Mr. Triveni Acharya has fearlessly rescued more than 5000 victims of child trafficking through her organization, Rescue Foundation. Children rescued are provided with health care, legal aid, counseling, nutrition, and vocational training. The Rescue Foundation has received several national and international awards for its work under Acharya's presidency. Many of us spend our whole time waiting for the perfect moment. That moment when everything aligns and we can finally take the next step. This daring fearless lady has a tale of courage, to be rewarded for a selfless contribution towards the society

Rohit Dixit

Rohit Dixit is a Law Student, whose heart is inclined towards Football. He has been performing on stage since he was 4 years old. He believes that the noblest art is that of making others happy.