Taher Madraswala

Promoting Universal Peace and Brotherhood Message on a Bicycle Around The World Covering Nearly 1,25,000 Kilometres for 17 years. Being born in abject poverty, he was the son who did not inherit much, but by his passion continues to give the world so much more. Passion is no strange notion to any of us. With a few persistent followers, its demands are great and involve a great deal of sacrifice to reach the fulfillment of one’s ambitions. It is when passion takes the enormity of unflinching determination that it attains unsurpassed heights of endurance. When Taher Madraswala at the uncertain age of 18 left his home, it was the year 1981, the year when communal riots brewed in and around the city of Ahmedabad. With a meager sum of 72 Rs. in his pocket and a fuel-less two-wheeler, he set out on a mission to which he remained glued for 17 years to come. Little did he know what lies ahead and what would become of him, whether or not things would work out in the end. Wealth, security, fame, none of these imprisoned his thoughts nor drove him to undertake his journey except the faith in the Almighty and the will to fight the odds. With grim episodes of horrific scenes of violence destroying every sane fiber in his young mind and soul, Taher set out to give the world the much-needed message of peace. Pedaling on faith, and fueled with good will and charity, Taher continued from India to travel across continents on his bicycle, being the harbinger of peace and love in around 32 countries. Recognized by dignitaries of powerful world nations, he even came to be offered citizenship by the then Canadian prime minister. But the irony was great as his own country failed to give him the recognition and appreciation for his feat. Here’s a story to celebrate his mammoth undertaking that is nothing less than a living inspiration to all who seek the impossible.

Rohit Dixit

Rohit Dixit is a Law Student, whose heart is inclined towards Football. He has been performing on stage since he was 4 years old. He believes that the noblest art is that of making others happy.